Elephant Project

You know the old adage, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time"? This is the idea behind the elephant project. 

I'm looking to tackle household repairs one bite at a time. Hopefully, the project will get big enough to help others. For now, I'm looking to elephant my bathroom. 

How can you participate?

You can donate using the tab on to the left (on the side bar). You can buy cool Elephant Project paraphernalia.

Like these:

Get it HERE

In return, I will document the process of fixing my bathroom and post updates as they come. (So y'all can revel in the pain that is remodeling) Hey, this crap works for HGTV right?

Once my bathroom is done, I'll be looking to spread the Elephant Project. Also, if you have your own Elephant Project, I'll be happy to cross promote. You'll be responsible for coming up with your own funding at this point, but I'll help you pimp your project to maximize donations for you. 
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