I've lived in Tooele, Utah since I was eight. Even though most of my life has been spent in Utah, I'm still a Washington girl at heart. I love the rain and the cool mornings that smell of fresh turned earth. 

My family is enormous, mostly because we extend beyond the traditional unit. Yes, there's mom, dad, two brothers and a sister (I'm the baby), but we also have the, "brother/sister from another mother", sister-in-laws, nieces and nephews, cousins (there are seriously like 40 cousins on one side of the family alone. Eat your heart out My Big Fat Greek Wedding), aunts, uncle, people we randomly pull in off the street. 

We're Scottish on my dad's side and Swiss on my mom's but we act like a traditional Italian family. Growing up on the weekends our house would be so full we literally had people sleeping in the bathtub. Well, one person who would tend to to that. Scott, I love ya ;) 

Among all the throngs and masses there was always great talent. My mom ran a singing group when I was younger (no, I don't publicly sing). My sister and older brother can really belt it and were fair dancers. My other brother can pick up any instrument, literally any instrument and play it like he's been playing it for years. I've seen him do it with guitars, drums, violins, pianos, my grandma's hand organ, the list goes on. 

My grandparents on my dad's side wrote poetry and worked as English teachers. My grandma on my mom's side told silly stories, danced, sang and made music. I have heritage that traces back to Louisa May Alcott and Nathaniel Hawthorne. My great-great-something-uncle wrote Ava Maria

Huge family, huge talent, huge heritage. So where does little old me fit into the picture? Well, I write. Though I can hope to accertaine the prestige of Louisa May Alcot and Nathaniel Hawthorne, for now I type away at this here blog. 

My other projects include:
  • Short, psychological horror
  • Humorous articles
  • Fantasy! My favorite. I'm currently working on a series entitled Chronicles of the Gossamer Dreams. This is my spoiled adolescent of a project and I love it with all my heart. 
My other hobbies include:
  • An obsession with film. This covers foreign film, silent films, movies no one in their right mind watches but I love, and random movie trivia like knowing the first film to have sound, the first to have Foley art, the first feature length film done in technicolor, etc. Serious obsession.
  • Scrap-booking. Incredibly time consuming but oh so much fun.
A spread I put together for sale on Etsy
  • Found objects sculpting. Or, as I like to call it, "Junk sculpting". I heart power tools and the ability the give me to rip things to shreds.
  • Photography/modeling. I like to take rather random pictures. It's nothing I'd sell, but I have fun. On the other hand, my sister-in-law Kate is an amazing photographer and she lets me dress up and get pretty photos for her projects. It's all great fun!
  • Sculpting with polymer clay, which has a tendency to become real expensive real fast.
One of my favorite sculptures so far that I did for sale on Etsy
  • Knitting things, like zombies or effigies of everyone I know.
  • Gluing paper to random things, like shelves. I believe the technical term for it is decoupageEvery time I say the word though, I think of Reno 911. If you've seen the episode, you know why. If not, then sorry, youtube doesn't have the clip. 
Me gluing paper to a shelf
In October of 2012 I finally proved all the people who thought my personality would always scare men away wrong by getting married. Ha! Take that naysayers! My husband hates cameras and doesn't believe the details of his personal life belong on the internet, so I compromised by changing his name and depicting him as a triangle head. 

Tony (A.K.A. Triangle Head) and me.
So now you know way more about my family and me than you possibly wanted to. Enjoy!

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