Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Secondary Characters Blog Hop

I thought I had this set up to auto-post this morning. Oops. Well, here it is now. 

Rachel Schieffelbein is hosting this bloghop in honor of her book, SECONDARY CHARACTERS, which comes out May 28th.

Sometimes secondary characters still the show. Other times secondary characters are the only thing that make the book or movie worth your time. Like how Mercutio is the only decent character in Romeo and Juliet

Regular readers will know that my all time favorite secondary character is Neville Longbottom. I did a very gushy post about him during AtoZ this year. 

Good old Neville, always standing up for what's right. He wasn't some sort of super wizard either, like Harry or Hermione; and he didn't have a super wizard possy constantly filling in for his inadequacies, like Ron. 

Neville was always incredibly vulnerable, but that never stopped him. When Harry needed someone the most, Neville was there front and center. Neville fought past bodily injury and being cursed to die horribly by Voldemort himself (here I would like to point out that, #1: Spell check has been fighting me on the spelling of Neville's name this whole time, but is totally cool with Voldemort's name. #2: Neville,as far as we know, is only the second person Voldemort has ever directly cursed to die who survived it). 

Sure, Voldemort didn't use Avada Kedavra on Neville, but he basically glued the sorting hat on his head and then set it on fire. Of course, Neville's response to that is pulling the Sword of Gryffindor from the hat and killing Nagini (this is how it went down in the book and it's a million times better than how they did it in the movie). 

Some other secondary characters I adore are basically the entire lab on Bones (I'm counting Sweets as part of the lab). 

Dr. Brennan wouldn't get half as far as she does helping the FBI solve cases if it weren't for her on hand team of geniuses. 

Need a facial reconstruction, 3D modeling to represent a suspected pattern of attack, or just a plain old computer hacking? Leave it to Angela.

Angela also fills in the role of best friend. Her gentle guidance helps Dr. Brennan have a better understanding of human interaction. 

Need soil sampled, a bug identified, a particle trace ran? Look no further than Dr. Hodgins (who later becomes Angela's husband).

Hodgins also fill the quota for crazy conspiracy theories and random knowledge about secret societies.

What about all the non-bone related stuff? The flesh, the organs, the ewwy gooey body parts? Call on  Cam.

Cam also happens to be everyone's boss and can remain level headed and professional (as long as it doesn't involve her daughter).

Want to understand the motivation behind a crime? Why did the victim do what they did? What kind of person would kill the victim? Well, that's Sweet's specialty.

Sweets was originally called in as a relationship counselor to help Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth work together. He ended up just sort of sticking and eventually became basically an agent (he gets to carry a gun and do interrogation). 

You can find the full list of participants on any of the hosts sites.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the hop!

Check out my upcoming hop!

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