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Review: Blue Moon Café Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks by Ioana Visan @weirdvision

About the Book:

"The were-eagles and our kind have been at war since the beginning of time. Well, it's more like fifty years since we'd decided to move into town, but it feels like an eternity already. And they're not were-eagles, just like we're not werewolves. They're more like crows, and we look more like dogs. Mutts, they call us. 

Times are changing and we do what we can to adapt in order to fit in. When you're like us, social acceptance really is a problem. But we still have claws and fangs, and they have beaks and talons that can rip their enemy to shreds in seconds. Maybe it's in our genes. Whenever we meet, it's a miracle it doesn't end in a bloodbath. It's a good thing we rarely die, or there would be dead mutts all over the streets. Dead crows too. We're a good match." 

In a city where two shifter clans reside, the Mayor is struggling to maintain peace while keeping the population safe. Through a series of short stories, we discover what happens when intruders appear, humans get turned, the Mayor's reputation is at stake, an invasion is planned, and not everything is what it seems. (summery from Amazon)


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My Review:
I found this compilation interesting. It takes on a new look at shifters in the sense that just about every animal out there can be shifted into. Each animal grouping has their own clan. Naturally, the clans clash.

I like how each story addresses separate characters, but as the compilation continues, each set of characters begins to tie into each other. It really helps create a sense of how the town operates.

The first story in the compilation is a bit silly, but even that ties into how the story of the town progresses.

Overall, it was a fun read for those who like supernatural stories.

I give it:

A bucket of flea control bait

A full moon, that happens to be blue

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And this sign

About the Author: 
Ioana Vişan was born on July 1st, 1978, in Iaşi, Romania. Having a diploma in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Distributed Systems, she currently works as a freelance web designer.

As a child, she grew up reading westerns by Karl May and historical novels by Alexandre Dumas, gradually advancing to Isaac Asimov, Stanislaw Lem and Frank Herbert. It soon became clear that all these works, while wonderful or at least a fun read, had the same big problem: they all had to end eventually, and some of them ended badly. Well, that just wouldn’t do! The first story ever written, unfortunately never finished, was sometime during middle grade, when she didn’t know what the term fan fiction even meant.

She wrote original fiction all through high school and part of the college years, perfectly happy not to publish anything, but only to entertain her friends with her stories. After college, she got lost for a while in the fan fiction and role playing world, which didn’t help improve her writing skills much, but it sure helped her English.

Publishing had always been the plan for somewhere in the future, but as she started to approach 30 she realized that it was time to make it happen. It was probably just luck that the first text submitted to a magazine was published in Nautilus on her birthday. The story, which for some reason used to have “Freeze” as a working title, won the Cititor SF award for best Romanian sci fi story of 2008. And the rest, like they say, is history.

Her stories have been published in on-line magazines like Nautilus, Gazeta SF, Suspans, SRSFF, SFera Online, EgoPhobia, Every Day Fiction, and they have also been featured in the second AtelierKult anthology, “Dansând pe Marte şi alte povestiri fantastice” (2009), Millennium Books anthology ”Steampunk: A doua revoluţie” (2011), and SRSFF anthology ”Venus – Povestiri erotice science fiction” (2011).

For her English readers, Ioana has recently published an apocalyptic novella, "Human Instincts", as an eBook. She is currently working on a sci fi and fantasy story collection in Romanian, and a fantasy trilogy in English.

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