Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CAPTCHA is From Satan and Other Things That Will Make People Hate You

TrueTweet Validation Service Only Serves to Lose Followers : 

Think about it. You're asking your followers to tell you if they're real. YOU'RE FOLLOWERS. So what if they're robots?! What are they going to do? Send tweets with your name in them? They can do that without following you.

Not only is this service useless, it's actually counter productive. Ditch it! 

I NEVER bother with confirming who I am with Truetweet. I think it actually doesn't matter. I still get updates in my feed from people I follow. Not sure what this service does other than annoy me with stupid twitter emails.

You Should Follow Me, But I Won't Tell You Why:

You know that little section they have in every social media site ever? The one where you tell a little bit about yourself? FILL IT OUT! I hate, hate, uber hate it when I come across a profile that says nothing about the person. I like to follow people back on social media sites, but I'm not following anyone who doesn't tell me what their agenda is.

Twitter is a big source of this problem. I'll get a message that I have a new follower and be all

Then I see their profile...

That's it?! Who are you Betty and why are you wanting to connect with me?

Seriously people. It takes like two seconds to type, "I'm a writer", "I'm a mom", "I'm looking for a boyfriend". Let people know who you are and what it is your after on the internet.

I'm Too Self Conscious to Put a Picture of Me on My Profile:

This one is just as bad as the last, in fact, it's complete ass when combined with putting no blurb about yourself.

To be clear, I've seen profiles where people use signature cartoon effigies of themselves or their logos, that's fine. That at least gives the people looking at their profile an idea of who they're working with.

Unacceptable however are:

It makes me automatically assume that you look like this guy:

Posting or Reposting Ridiculousness Free Shit Claims: 

Everyone loves a good giveaway and who doesn't like free stuff? Legitimate giveaways and swag grabbing are great to post about. Let everyone know what they can get.

HOWEVER, this is a big however, do not proceed to slam me with posts about how apple is giving away a free Ipad and how I could win a Disney cruise. These are always, ALWAYS bullpucky.

When I see someone's blog, facebook, twitter etc. constantly full of posts about this crap, it tells me they are too naive to be taken seriously.

The Mother of all Things That Will Make People Curse your Name, CAPTCHA:

Do yourself a favor, Google search CAPTCHA and seeing how many people hate that evil piece of nonsense. Did you come back with the answer,  "The whole planet hates it"? GOOD!

Why do we hate CAPTCHA? Well, let's see...

CAPTCHA starts by hurting people's eyes and ends by hurting their brains.

If spamming really worries you that much, there are a crap ton of options to block it. In Blogger you can choose not to accept comments from anyone anonymous (which this simple step stopped my spamming cold), choose comment moderation or filter your comments through a secondary source such at commentluv or Intense Debate.

There are some really simple options for you folks out there. So mozy on over to your Settings, click Posts and Comments, and where it says "Word Verification" tell it to go to hell. 
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