Thursday, May 2, 2013

#AtoZChallenge Reflections

Another year of AtoZing has come and gone. The season of this exciting, exhausting, fun and frustrating challenge is behind me (and I have the badge to prove it). 

I love AtoZing. It's a lot of work and this year I had a husband to grumble about how much time I spent on the computer :) But it's oh so much fun.

I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something for every letter. This year I chose a theme, which I thought was going to magically make everything better. While it kept me focused, there were certain letters I found more difficult to fit into the theme than other. 

No fear though, next years theme and a list of titles for every letter has already been chosen. If you missed the not so big announcement, next year I'm doing, "How the World Will End" or, in other words,apocalypse. Right now I'm all gungho about it, but next year I know I'll be staring at a blank screen wondering why the hell I thought apocalypse by octopus would be a good idea. 

Another thing I enjoy about AtoZ is seeing what other bloggers come up with. Some of their ideas are brilliant! I also love meeting new bloggers and adding to list of people who's blogs rock.

Some honorable mentions for this year are:
And of course some golden oldies (at least for me)
On a side note: I found a really cool site for making cartoons/comics.

Also a big thanks to Arlee Bird and the AtoZ hosts for keeping us all on our toes!
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