Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Yesterday: As in the Past

Do you have that song stuck in their head now? Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...

It's often said that our pasts define us, which means our present defines our future. I'm no sure I'm thrilled by that idea.

I keep telling myself, "Tomorrow I'll get up early and get all this stuff done!" It never happens. The only reason I'm up early these days is because I have yet to go to bed. When I go to gripe at past me for staying up so late and ruining my today, all I get is, 

"Hey, we are now caught up on Revenge. A feat like that takes time. Also, if you want enough dilithium to build a star base  you're going to have to put in the man hours." 

"Well, thanks past me for all your efforts, but what about the mess in the office or the tower of crafts that need to be managed?"

"Leave that for tomorrow you to do."

"Hmm...not a bad idea, but why did you have eat all the peach rings?"


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