Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Violet: Because Kick Ass Girls Are Named Violet #challenge #AtoZchallenge

First all big THANK YOU for those of you who showed support to burned out post yesterday. I've now learned the lesson that some letters need to be planned out way in advance or they'll sneak up on you.

Luckily, I already have next years theme picked out and a title for every letter. In case you're wondering, next year I'm going with Apocalypses as the theme. 

Onto the actual post:

Violet is the name asscribed two of my all time favorite female characters. No, Ultra Violet is not one of them. I couldn't get past how campy that movie was. Not to mention the line, "You got hemo blood on me". Since hemo means blood, all I hear is, "You got blood blood on me", and that's just silly.

One of the Violet's I do love is Violet Parr from The Incredibles

Oh, the joys of teenhood

I'm sure you guys have heard me harp on teenagers... a lot, mostly because I remember being a teenager and man was I obnoxious. I see teens walking down the road, jerking their arms in a 'honk' motion trying to get attention from passerbys and remember my days of shouting vaguely obscene things with my friends in loud, crowded situations where we were unlikely to be heard. If ever we could command attention, it was certainly the unwanted kind. Most of my high school teachers will tell you I was a model student, I was one of the good kids. Being as much of a pill as I was and still being considered one of the good kids does not leave me with much hope for the rising generation.

With that said, Violet Parr embraces the awkwardness of teenagehood- because what teenager hasn't wished they could be invisible before- while still becoming the hero of the film. Yes, the movie is about a family of superheroes, but think about it, who saves everyone's butt? It's Violet. Case in point:

Thanks dad for blowing up a plane right over our heads. Y'all would be screwed without my force field. 

The other Violet, my most favorite Violet ever, is Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Played in the film version by Emily
Browning, whom you may recognize
from Sucker Punch
As the oldest of ill fated Baudelaire orphans, Violet is bright and inventive. Her quick thinking and fast gadget making rivals that of McGyver. I couldn't find the clip I wanted from the movie, but this introduction of the characters does a good job explaining Violet. 

Her leadership and unwavering strength keeps what's left of her family together through insurmountable odds. When everything else is lost, her siblings know they can count on her. With everything they go through, it's easy to forget just how young Violet is. It makes one wonder though, if she's this kick ass as a kid, what kind of adult will she be? 

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