Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Umm.... #challenge #AtoZchallenge

This is officially a tricky letter, compounded by the fact that my brain refuses to make coherent thoughts and I just spent the last half hour making new uses for the "f word" while trying to figure out my insurances website. What little thought power I had in now gone. 

I'm starting to feel the drain of AtoZing and my husband keeps making grumbly noises about my affair with the computer. But, being the crazy lady that I am, I press on.

There's a strong possibility this will auto post before I get in here and write a real post. If that's the case than I'll leave you with this picture.

Tomorrow I'll have a real post. 


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A Few Random AtoZ Blogs:

Because the AtoZ participants list is so massive, I don't include it here. However, I would like to give some love to my fellow bloggers, so I thought I'd pick a couple of random blogs to link to that y'all can check out at your discretion. 
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