Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Turtle Power #challenge #atozchallenge

What happens in our childhood greatly influences what our character will become. I remember hearing somewhere that by the age of three we've developed the personality we'll have for the rest of our lives. I'm too lazy to look that one up, so I'll preach it like it's true. Also, if it is true, God save the world from some three-year-olds I know. 

Actually, this explains how the U.S. government got
to be so bad. 
That said, I'm taking this rare opportunity to talk about my childhood. Rare because my memory isn't all that great. I'm told it's a side effect of having a lazy thyroid, which is awesome because it gives me a great excuse for being stupid. 

For those of you who don't know,  I'm the youngest of four children. Two boys, two girls in that order. This means I did a lot of tagging along and liking whatever my siblings liked just so I could be accepted. Which totally didn't work. 

One such example of this was the Ninja Turtle phase. 

I vaguely remember seeing one of the Ninja Turtle movies in some low grade theater. I'm not sure how accurate this memory is, all that really sticks out is, "No anchovies". It's amazing how long it took for me to discover what anchovies even were. (Just so we're clear, these are the Ninja Turtles movies that were made in the 90s and I was like five-years-old).

It forever influenced my views on pizza.
Like most children discovering that the movies are so much more awesome than real life, my brothers developed an obsession with the Ninja Turtles. They had an assortment of those eye scarf thingies and ran around doing really crummy ninja moves like "kick so hard I fall flat on my ass fu". 

My sister got to be April O'Neil and I got to be the annoying little sister who ruins all the fun (a part not featured in any of the films, but crucial to play time at my house). There are several home videos that evidence this.

The most notorious of the Ninja Turtle related home videos features my brothers preforming the Ninja Turtles theme song. Keep in mind these are nine/ten-year-old boys, so early on the actual lyrics of the song are lost. My oldest brother puts up a fair attempt at making up the lyrics while my other brother goes about seeing how ridiculous he can dance, which ultimately lands him with a swat to the balls. From there it's a degeneration of kicking each other in the crotch and occasionally remembering they're supposed to be singing.

This was actually the first in a series of home made movies that would incriminate my brothers in their adulthood. The other ones had nothing to do with Ninja Turtles, but all would be used as my revenge once my brothers starting dating. It may be why they never really brought girls around, but I made sure their wives got to see every stupid home video of them, always starting with Ninja Turtles.

That's what happens when you don't let your little sister have Turtle Power.


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