Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Scatter Brain #challenge #atozchallenge

The other day my husband awoke me from my nap announcing,"I have the perfect couple that represents us". He was talking about Rick and Evie from the second The Mummy movie. 

Except we look nothing like Brendan Fraser
and Rachel Weisz
I have to be honest, I'm not 100% on where he was going with this. Aside from him being very protective, and me being scatterbrained and loving books and history... OK, maybe he had a slight point. 

Anyhow, we commenced to flip between watching the second mummy movie and the third Indiana Jones. Because my husband can't stand commercials, or when the show goes too long without entertaining him. I'm not really sure what the parameters of what he finds entertaining are, because he'll flip channels in the middle of his favorite show, or right as things are blowing up, or right as we're about to find out who the killer is. Basically he just shouldn't have the remote.

I did notice a similarity between the movies we were watching that night though, and not just the swash buckle attitude towards supernatural beings. Both films featured genius characters who are total scatterbrains. 

Evelyn Carnahan O'Connel: Much better portrayed in the first film where they weren't reaching to make her the reincarnation of a character that they bullshitted their way through. Evie was originally a librarian at a museum and held an extensive knowledge of Egyptology. Unfortunately, she lacked the basic skills to return a book to it's shelf. 

Dr. Marcus Brody: Doctor Marcus Brody was a British-born archaeologist, historian, and lecturer. As a curator for several prominent museums on the east coast of the United States, he became a frequent patron of Indiana Jones. After his job as curator of the National Museum, he became Dean of Students at Marshall College. ( He's also know for getting lost in his own museum. 

I suppose that's one way of getting around the problem of no one liking a know it all.


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