Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Pax: An Introduction to the Character #challenge #atozchallenge

I'd be remised if I didn't take this AtoZ opportunity to pimp one of my own characters. Amelia Pax is the 17-year-old MC of my YA paranormal WIP Amelia Pax: Reaper be Damned

A little about the story: 

Amelia Pax has her life turned upside down when her grandfather dies and uncanny events begin to unfold. A letter her grandfather wrote for her to open upon his death may shed some light on the strange things happening to Amelia, but she can't make herself believe it. How could he be what he claimed, and how could she now become that?

I thought a bit about how I wanted to handle this introduction, and it was only obvious that I should let Amelia speak in her own words. Just as a note, the story is not written in first person, but for the purpose of the interview, it works best for Amelia to answer and not the narrator. 

Me: Amelia, why don't you tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

Amelia: Well, I live in Ohio with my mom. We moved there when I was eight. My hobbies include baseball and torturing my best friend Cecil. 

Me: Is there anything special about the world or the time you live in?

Amelia: I used to think I lived in a normal 21st century town, but now I know there things beyond what everyone else sees. There's a whole secret world tied to death. 

Me: How did you come to find this out?

Amelia: It all started when my grandpa died. The same day I killed Mercedes, but that was an accident. I'm not a murderer. At least, I don't think I am. I don't want to be. It's all very confusing right now. 

Me: Whoa there! Don't mind me if I just start backing out of the room slowly here. 

Amelia: It might be best. Even though he tells me we're not the bad guys, I never know who's going to die next.

Me: Well, thanks for the interview. I'm going to go ahead and run for my life now. 

Turns out Amelia's a little bit riskier to interview than I had originally estimated. But that's me. I let these ideas get away from me...

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this brief introduction. Thanks for popping by!


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