Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Olive Snook

Pushing Daises was one of those brilliant little shows that bit the bullet during the writer's strike. 

The premise was this: Ned, the pie maker, has the ability to bring people and things back to life with one touch. If they're alive for more than a minute, something of equal value has to die. If he ever touches them again,then they're dead forever.

A private investigator named Emerson Cod discovers Ned's ability and cuts a deal with him. Ned uses his talents to bring back victims Emerson is investigating for one minute of interrogation, if the information gathered leads to the case being solved, Ned gets a cut of the reward.

One of the first investigations to fall into their lap is death of Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles. She just happens to be Ned's childhood sweetheart, and when her minute is up, Ned can't bring himself to send her back to being dead. But romance is tricky when you can't touch. 

In the middle of this mess is Olive Snook, Ned's one employee and neighbor. Olive harbors a heavy crush on Ned and is non-to-subtle in coming on to him. Of course, Ned doesn't catch on. When Chuck (Charlotte Charles) shows up and steals away the man of Olive's affections, she'll stop at nothing to uncover this mystery of this woman. 

The characters experience many ups and downs, even forge a friendship, and in the end Olive ends up knowing more about Chuck than she knows about herself. The story unfolds over several hilarious episodes set in a near Dr. Seus world with overly bright colors and extreme symmetry, all narrated by Jim Dale

Sadly, the show only lasted two seasons (2007-2009). In an effort to wrap things up, the producers released two bonus episodes for season two. Many fans complain that these bonus episodes created more questions than they did answers. 

On a positive note, actress Kristin Chenoweth walked away with the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, one of the shows seventeen Primetime Emmy nominations and seven wins. 


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