Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Neville Longbottom #challenge #atozchallenge

Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom is possibly one of my all time favorite characters. He also seriously got the shaft in the film adaptations. Every time I say this someone comes along and tells me, "Well, J.K. Rowling was heavily involved in the making of the films". First of all: Just because she was involved doesn't mean she had a lot of control. Secondly: If she did have that much control then shame on her for letting Hollywood etch-a-sketch all over her Mona Lisa. 

From his very awkward first year to his induction into Dumbledore's Army and eventual leadership of Dumbledore's Army, Neville displays courage and valor that sets him  apart from the other wizards at Hogwarts. 

Unfortuanatly, many of his greatest moment were either not featured in the films or totally bastardised. 

I.e. During the battle at the ministry of magic in The Order of the Phoenix, Neville's nose is broken rendering him incapable of casting spells. What does he do? Goes old school and takes on Death Eaters, full blown bad ass wizards, hand to hand.

In The Half Blood Prince during the battle at Hogwarts, Harry, Ron and Hermione send out a call to arms using enchanted coins Hermione made the previous year for Dumbledore's army. Who responds? Only three people and Neville is one of them. 

Now, The Deathly Hallows films may have given him his due props for reassembling Dumbledore's Army and leading the resistance at Hogwarts, but then it totally screwed him out of the significant of what happens when he kills Nagini.

What happens in the movie: Hermione and Ron chase Nagini around trying to kill her with the basilisk tooth. They utterly screw it up and Neville saves them at the last second by killing Nagini with the sword of Gryffindor.
Ron and Hermione being abosolutly pathetic trying
to do Neville's job.
What happens in the book and why it's so much better than the movie: On his way to face Voldemort, knowing that he's likely to die, but that in order for Voldemort to be killed all the horcruxes must be destroyed- including Nagini - Harry sees Neville and tells him that if he gets the chance he needs to kill the snake.

Later on, Hogwarts has all but fallen, everyone thinks Harry's dead, Voldemort is giving his big surrender speech. Neville steps forward as the only voice brave enough to openly defy Voldemort in that moment. Voldemort decides to punish him by sticking the sorting hat over his head and setting it on fire. While Voldemort is busy gloating, Neville DOES NOT die. Instead, he pulls the sorting hat from his head and draws Gryffindor's sword from it.

Putting a pin in that thought, let's go back to The Chamber of Secrets when the sword of Gryffindor is first introduced to us. Remember what a fuss was made over how the sword doesn't appear for just anyone? The person has to be worthy, showing extreme bravery. Another point to be made was that the sword at that time was in the possession of the goblins, so it's not like it was even on Hogwarts property, but because of who Neville is, in the moment he was sentenced to death, the sword came to him. 

From there Neville ceases Voldemort's distraction and, without all the fuss and to do, lops Nagini's head off. Simple, brilliant. Says so much more about who he is and I will never understand why the powers that be thought that this was something they needed to "improve" for the film. 

Those are some of the points I make as to why Neville is one of the most amazing characters ever put to pen. There are a ton more and I could (and have) go on for some time about the subject, but y'all have other things to do, so I'll cut myself off here. 


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