Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Laguna Loire #challenge #atozchallenge

Remember back when I said there were three characters I have a special relationship with? 

The first was Faramir from Lord of the Rings and today I'm going to talk a little about the second, Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is old news now, but back in it's day it was top of the line. Even though it had what was stunning graphics and sweeping cut scenes, the best part was the story. 

Laguna isn't a main character by far. He's introduced later in the story when the main character have these trance like states they're thrown into where they're living out other people's memories. This is where you get a lot of Laguna's back story. Way later in the game the main characters meet him for real and he helps them out.

The reason I love Laguna is because he's one of those all around good guys who can't catch a break. In his early life he's a soldier, though his life's ambition is to be a travel journalist. He falls in love with a pianist named Julia, and after several rather embarrassing attempts, he finally gets a chance to talk to her. He finds that her feelings are mutual  she even writes a song for him, but the next day he is called away to war. 

During the battle, Laguna is heavily wounded and knocked unconscious  He wakes up under the car of a woman named Raine. Raine has an adopted little girl named Ellone who Laguna forms a bond with. After about a year, one of Laguna's war buddies finds him and tells him about what's been going on in the outside world. He's informed that Julia made it big and married. 

After a series of events, Laguna and Raine fall in love and get married. Then Ellone is kidnapped while Laguna is away. Laguna vows to get Ellone back and sets out the quest with his old war buddies. After another series of events, Laguna finally finds Ellone and discovers that an evil sorceress wants to use Ellone for her unique gifts. Laguna ends up at the head of a resistance that imprisons the sorceress. The people of the city Laguna found Ellone in elect him president in the sorceresses absence. 

Laguna send Ellone back to Raine and stays to help the people that elected him. Later on he finds out that Raine has dies and Ellone was placed in an orphanage  What he doesn't know is that Ellone died in childbirth and he has kid out there.

The game never comes straight out and says it, but it's pretty obvious Laguna's child is the main character Squall, who's a bit of an ass and doesn't think much of Laguna. 

Despite his hardships, Laguna remains happy go lucky and congenial as all get out. He steps up to the plate every time and accepts his lot in life. That's the true embodiment of a hero.


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