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I is for: If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out #challenge #atozchallenge

In 1971 a film entitled Harold and Maude sent a generation hovering over the toilets with nausea at the idea the young man featured on the cover banging the elderly woman also featured on the cover. 

Get your spit take over with now.
Non the less, this is one of my all time favorite films.

Also, it totally won awards.

  • Rated: GP
  • Genre: Comedy/Drama
  • Running Time: 91 min.
  • Stars Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon
The Characters:

Harold: They make him look really young, but I think the character is actually supposed to be in his early 20s since his mother spends most of the film trying to get him married off.

The only child of a rich, workaholic mother, Harold chooses to cope with his feelings of neglect through being completely demented. When we first meet him, he is setting up one his fake suicides (something we learn is a popular pass time for him). Other pass times include chilling at the junk yard and crashing funerals. 

He also drives around a hearse that he fixed up himself. Which is pretty awesome, and leads to one of my favorite moments in the film. Harold's mother sells his hearse and replaces it with what she feels to be a more suitable car.

Which he then turns into this:

Sadly I couldn't find a pic or video clip of the actual
time he's revamping it. 
Maude: Approaching her 85th birthday, Maude is a free spirit who seeks joy in all aspects of life. 

She kind of reminds me of what Bones' Angelia Montenegro would be like at 85, if she were a Holocaust survivor and Hodgins died before they ever got the chance to marry. 

Beautiful as Michaela Colins (Angie) is,
evens she looks too old for
Bud Cort (Harold) in this film.
It's like they said, "Make sure whoever plays Harold has an
under developed chest. It's the only way the audience
will feel that he's young."
The Story: 

Harold and Maude meet at a funeral, because funerals are a hobby they share. The vivacious Maude strikes up a conversation with Harold (or at least attempts to) and then offers him a ride... in his car... which she's stolen. 

The two become fast friends, Maude being the one person Harold allows himself to become close too. Maude sets about teaching Harold how to really live and opening him up to the joys in life. The relationship begins to blossom into more as Harold falls for Maude.

My Point: 

So now you know the basics of the film and can go check it out for yourself.

The reason I chose to talk about this movie today is because of the following bit of dialog (which what Maude has to say is basically my favorite bit of movie dialog ever):

*You don't have to watch the whole clip. There's really nothing more to it once it cuts to the graveyard.

The real point I'm looking to make on character today is about your personal character.

Are you one of these?

But allowing yourself to be treated as this?

As for the title of this post, Cat Stevens did the sound track to Harold and Maude. His song If You Want to Sing Out is featured predominately throughout the film. Here's a clip:


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