Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Donovan, Claudia: Creating a Character That Everyone Loves #challenge #atozchallenge

For those of you unaware of Syfy series Warehouse 13, first off you're missing out on an awesome show, secondly (because I'm nice and all) I'll give you a short introduction so you can understand the character I'm using as an example today.

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Warehouse 13 is a Eureka off shoot. The plot centers around a warehouse full of "artifacts", items infused with special abilities, and the agents who keep it going. Basically every episode there's a new artifact wreaking havoc and the agents have to go neutralize it and bring it back to the warehouse for safe keeping.

Claudia joins the cast a couple of episodes in, after making herself a nuisance as an anonymous hacker trying to pinpoint the warehouse's location. She kidnaps the warehouses head agent (Artie) whom she blames for the disappearance of her brother when she was a child.

Long story short, they manage to get her brother back and Claudia continues to hang around the warehouse- since she really doesn't have a life because she's spent this whole time obsessed with helping her missing brother and all. Eventually she's made an official part of the warehouse team and happy audience members everywhere get to see her every episode.

So, what makes Claudia so lovable? It's a mix bag of tricks that makes her endearing. First off, she's brilliant, she can hack pretty much anything and if it has to do with computers or electronics in general she'll make it her bitch. Secondly, even though she's sharp as a tack,  a lot of her decisions are made with her heart.

Another aspect of Claudia is her ability to make mistakes. Something I've been seeing a lot is a character discovers a new ability and has like a two second learning curve. Suddenly they're all, "I'm the best psychic/ vampire/ fallen angel ever". In order for a character to properly shine, they need to develop over time and allow for the audience to grow with them. Even though Claudia is a genius, she's been pron to her stupid mistakes that make her believable.

So, quick review:
  • Layers make a character better
  • Struggling makes a character that people can identify with
  • Abilities have to develop over time

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