Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for: Critique #IWSG #challenge

First off: 

Happy Birthday Sis! Haha, you're 30 now! 

Wait... that means I'll be 30 in another 2 years. Crap!

Next item of business: 

It just so happens to be #IWSG day. This means I may go a bit off topic concerning character. Either that or I'll make some weird, far out connection between what I actully blog about today and character, like, "If you had the slightest bit of decency to your character, you'd self edit before asking me to critique your work". Yeah, I think I'll stick with that. 

So, yeah, critiquing. I made all y'all a picture about it!

Yes, this was made by me. I got a profile on someecards and everything. 
I've been on both sides of the critiquing knife- you know, stabber and stabbed -and I've determined they both suck. So I've made some rules:

  • Don't agree to critique a friend's work unless you can cope with having to tell that friend they suck.
  • Don't send your work out for critiquing before remembering to put on your big girl/ big boy panties.
  • Self edit before subjecting anyone to your work! No one is going to care about your awesome characters or kick butt story if they have to try to decipher exactly what word it was you misspelled all the time. 
  • Remember when you're critiquing that it's equally important to point out the good stuff as it is to point out the bad. 
I know there are things I'm missing, but in the interest of brevity, that's all from me for now.

What are some good critiquing rules you can think of?


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