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New York Heartbreak Review @darkenscorpio

After an eventful end of the school year can Anistasia and John find a nice vacation in New York? Anistasia comes face to face with a past she thought she left behind. However, what happens in New York stays in New York. Can the newly found couple stay together through the events they still have to survive? Or will the past destroy them?

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My Review: This is definitely a book where you had to have read the first one to know what's going on. 

For those who have read I've Got You Covered, you know that nothing goes smoothly for Anistasia and John. This tradition carries through in New York Heartbreak. 

I do warn, there are a lot of grammar errors in the book that might drive you nuts. At least, they drove me nuts. If you're like me, you may want to wait it out for a re-release with less errors in it. If that stuff doesn't faze you, then you'll find New York Heartbreak an action packed read with a gooey romantic center. Sort of like Tootsie Pops. Great, now I want candy.

I give this book:

A kid's bag of Halloween candy that the adults have already picked all the good stuff out of.

This truck that randomly came up in my Google image search for muscle cars.

And a bucket of household cleaners.

Excerpt: Anistasia felt her body shake as she looked at John lying on the ground. She looked up to see Cloey finishing help clear the people out of the track and helping move some things out of the way so the ambulance could get through. Anistasia was able to ride in the ambulance with John to the hospital. Cloey was going to finish cleaning up at the track. The world seemed to halt as the ambulance drove off. "Please hold on..." Anistasia whispered as she took Johns hand.

There was a moment of pause before John spoke again, "I know I'm turning out not to be the guy you thought I was, and I won't blame you for leaving me after we get back home." He said out of the corner of his eye he was looking at Naomi's laptop from the couch but not really paying attention to it. "I didn't ever want to go this far, but I've already lost my brother. I am not giving my sister up, even if that means taking out half of New York. I'm doing everything I can think of to keep people who aren't involved out of harms way, which is why I want to do this when their apart from everyone else. A week in the hellish world you lived in for years ruined the happy spirit I remember my sister having. I won't let her live another day like that."

John waited inside the house looking through the dust. He turned on the only working light in the house, and it lit only the kitchen. When he heard the car door he quickly checked that his pistol was still in his jacket's inner pocket before he turned towards the door.

Bridget opened the door slowly and stepped in still in the dark. She was making a shh noise as she stepped into the light. A little girl with blonde hair looked at John. She had Hunters eyes. Bridget smiled and pushed a strand of her own hair behind her ear. "It’s nice to see you alive and well." She finally spoke glancing around the kitchen.

Dumbfounded by the little girl John had few words to say, he swallowed and glanced up to Bridget, "She's yours and..." he let the word trail off. The resemblance to Hunter was unmistakable, he saw some of his brothers features in her. Still he needed to confirm what he thought.

Bridget nodded. "Yeah, you’re an Uncle." She looked at the toddler in her hands. "She just turned 3. Hunter didn't know her very long before...." She didn't finish the sentence the pain in her eyes said the rest. She smiled again and looked at John. "I wanted you to meet your niece. Her name is Athena. Apparently hunter thought naming her after a goddess of wisdom would make her smart. And so far he was right."

"She's adorable." he said. Even though he knew the past with Bridget was rough, he felt bad doubting her now. "Hey Athena, Nice to finally meet you." He said leaning down a bit and smiling at her.
Athena pulled back some hiding behind Bridget's arm. "It's okay sweetie. This is daddy's brother. Meet your Uncle John." Bridget smiled and shifted Athena so John could see her better. "I figured you would be the easiest to tell first. I think your mom still hates me and I am not sure if Naomi does or not."

About the Author:

North Carolina before moving to Central Florida in 2011. She is an upcoming author/writer with a mind in multiple genres of novels and books. She is currently working on multiple novels that you can read about on her website also you can catch her random thoughts on her blog. 

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