Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Do it For the Validation #IWSG

Recently I had a breakdown. This is why I have two Facebook accounts, so I can whine and complain on one, and still be professional on the other. 

I was whining about how I want to just give up blogging and writing because I've more than doubled my efforts in the last several months in both posting and promoting, and am actually getting less reader response.

I'm getting plenty of spamming though. I had to reconfigure my comment settings because of it. 

A friend popped in with the advice, "The thing about blogging is you can't be doing it purely for the followers and marketing potential. Write what you are passionate about, for YOU, and if eventually you get some hard core followers or a ton like ... then great! If not, then you've still done it for you."

Although I appreciate the spirit of the advice, the simple fact is that I DO NOT BLOG FOR ME. If I were interested in spending hours and hours writing things no one would read, I'd stick to what I was writing before I started a blog. Lord knows making a novel takes up enough time. 

Further more, I think the statement of, "I blog for me" is pure shit. If the blogging experience were all about keeping a personal log of whatever it is you or I blog about, then we wouldn't put it on the internet! All of us are waving a giant red flag that screams, "I need attention". 

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Blogging is far too harsh and involved to just be a hobby. Every blogger out there is looking to gain viewership and, at some point, turn a profit. 

As for the question of blogging about what I'm passionate about, of course I do! . Just because I'm passionate about something doesn't mean that anyone else is going to give a crap about it though. 

Other things people don't give a crap about:
  • Giveaways
  • Offers of free promotion
I'm a veteran of both, and neither guarantees a response. 

The point is: I blog to gain readers and build a market. I blog to be read. 

I believe every blogger out there has the right to be honest about their motivations, and shouldn't have to curl up in a ball in the corner, crying their eyes out and whispering over and over, "I'm blogging for me. I'm blogging for me."

Do the whole curling up in a ball thing, just be real about why you're doing it. 
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