Monday, March 4, 2013

Given the Chance, That Cat Would Eat Me

This is a blurry picture of Spaz Kitty. She may look calm now, but she seriously losses her shit anytime food is involved. 

She does this weird, ritualistic dance where she weaves between my feet while emitting a guttural meee-eeeh-eew type noise. 

Sort of like all the kittens in this video...

but gathered into one adult cat.

Pay no attention to the mess. The cats have the storage room as their relegated area and since they belong to my sister-in-law, it falls on her to clean the cat boxes. So I really am a better house keeper than what's depicted. 
Here she is circling her food bowl, because if I go to the end of the house with her food bowl that means I must be feeding her. Never mind that that part of the house is also where my bedroom and the washroom are. 

This is Spaz Kitty giving me the evil eye after she figured out that all I was going to do was take pictures of her. 

As you can see from the size of Spaz Kitty, she is so not starving, but she'll never be convinced of this.

I fear the day when I'm home alone and I faint for some unknown reason. 

I have yet to knit up an effigy of Spaz Kitty so
y'all are getting a crappy drawing instead. 

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