Thursday, March 21, 2013

Double Awards! Yay!

I got hit twice on the award market! Go me!

First up is Tara Tyler @ Tara Tyler Talks :

  • Display the award logo on your blog post. 
  • Link back to the person who nominated you. 
  • State 7 things about yourself. 
  • Nominate 15 bloggers to the award. 
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.
7 Things About Me:

  1. I'm starting to realize the more I have to say 7 things about myself, the more reveling the information is I have to give out. 
  2. I got married in Oct. (Yes,you loyal readers knew this one,but I'm still using it :p)
  3. I'm pretty sure my phone was manufactured in Hell by Satan himself.
  4. If I could have any celebrities body it would be Sara Chalke. I'd still keep my face, because it's who I am, but she has a rocking body. 
  5. I once had a guy carve my phone number in his lawn because he didn't have anything                    else to write with. (And then I totally passed up going on a date with him. I stand by that decision)
   6. I skipped out on High School prom. Not much of a dances person and really didn't feel there was anyone worth going with. (Of course, there was the possibility of going with the man who is now my husband. But back then he was just my friend's older brother. Never thought of him that way haha.)
  7. I'm on so many social networking sites, I often forget about my accounts.


I swear the number of blogs you have to nominate for these awards grows every time they get passed around. All y'all know I'm not going to nominate 15 blogs, especially since I have to nominate more for the next award I got. 

Instead, I'm nominating 5 deserving blogs and leaving it to you guys to suggest some great blogs in the comments. I'll visit every blog you guys mention.

  1. Cloudy with a Chance of Wine
  2. I am a Reader, Not a Writer
  3. Emily White
  4. Cassie Mae
  5. Creative Devolution

Second up is Mary Montague Sikes from Notes Along the Way

First time I've this image with
a Liebster Award :)

Liebster Award Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the Liebster Award, and link back to his or her blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator; list 11 random facts about yourself, and create 11 questions for your nominees.
3. Present the Liebster Award to 11 bloggers, who have blogs with 200 followers or less, whom you feel deserve to be noticed. Leave a comment on the blogs letting the owners know they have been chosen. (No tag backs.)
4. Upload the Liebster Award image to your blog.

This is very different than Liebster Awards I've gotten in the past, but this could be fun, so why not?

11 Questions From Mary:

1. Knowing what you know today, what would you choose to be (profession)? Why?

Currently my profession is a homemaker/writer/artist. Or as we really call it, unemployed. I like the freedom, but miss the money. My husband and I have gone back and forth about whether or not I need a job and it's finally been decided that for now, I need one. Not having a job wasn't exactly my choice. It's a long list of reasons why mostly just resulting in the fact that I couldn't do the job I had with the back injuries I'm still suffering from my car wreck in May. 

I still love what I'm doing right now, the writing and artsy stuff. It just doesn't pay a dime. So that's my long, round about answer. 

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be? Why?

Switzerland, but I'd settle for Alaska or Maine.

My mother is from Switzerland and I still have family there. I visited a few years ago and believe it's the most beautiful place on Earth. The life style is a lot more relaxed and the whole place is just inspiring and so different from where I live and the way I live now. I think the change would really open me up and feed my soul. 

My cousins at Blauensee in Switzerland

As many pluses as there are to living in Utah (i.e. the grid system and the fact that I'm LDS so there's the religious culture thing (which BTW can be a total back fire in Utah. I've met so many anti-mormans and they're always so belligerence, but that's a separate tirade) this state really kills my soul.  

Alaska is another place that's just gorgeous. I love how secluded and simple things are there, and the sea food is amazing!

img src
I have no idea why I want to live in Maine. It's an idea that stuck in my craw a few years back and I've never been able to shake it. It's not like I've ever actually been to Maine. I've never even been to any of the eastern states. Maybe that's why. Who knows?

3. Would you rather visit the mountains or the sea? Why?

Hmm... I think I'll have to go with sea since I like in the mountains. I also really love the water. 

4. Tell about your favorite dinner.

The short answer is I love food. My favorite dinner depends on what day you catch me on. Just don't try to get me to eat anything soggy or with coconut in it.

5. What part of your home most inspires you?  

I'm going to go with my bathroom, because it most inspires me to do something to it, like start swinging around a sludge hammer. Check out my Elephant Project page if you want to see what I'm talking about. 

6. Do you like to read fiction or non-fiction?

I mostly read fiction. I believe in using reading to escape the world and feed the imagination. I do read non-fiction now and then though because I love learning about new things.

7. What is your favorite book?

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

8. Did you have a favorite subject in school?

I always like Science. English was good too, when we were actually studying literature, but too often I got stuck with grammar Nazi teachers who piled on the worksheets and killed all the joy. 

9. How many vacations would you like to take each year? Where?

Would? If I had a choice? I'd be on vacation the whole darn year! I pick up an atlas, flip to a random page and go. (Baring that there isn't a war or something going on in that part of the world. I'm very much so "white" and there are certain places that would get me killed). 

10. Do you prefer to fly or to drive?

That's a good question. I used to be able to say "drive" right off the bat, but nearly dying in a car sort of changes that perspective. On the other hand, coach sucks. I don't like forms of travel that leave me cramped and having to listen to other people's drama. 

11. Are you an extrovert or an introvert?  

I have no idea how to answer this question. I'm whatever I need to be when I need to be it. If I find myself in a social situation, I'll socialize. I hate being the person awkwardly standing around. If I can avoid being in a social situation though, I do. 

I also can talk up a storm and have no issue sharing (or over sharing) things about myself. 

11 Facts About Me:
  1. When I go to the zoo, my must sees are elephants and giraffes. 
  2. I'm an insomniac.
  3. I hate grocery shopping. Mostly because of the other shoppers.
  4. I like to take random pictures of clouds. (I've been working on making products using them on Zazzle. Check out the banner at the bottom of the post.)
  5. My favorite number is 5 :)
  6. I have 5 email address and I use all of them.
  7. I have four dogs.
  8. My favorite color is purple.
  9. I'd love to have a farm.
  10. I love chewing gum. My favorite right now are the Trident layers.
  11. I easily have over 2000 books in my collection. (Real books, not ebooks)

11 Questions for Leibster Award Nominees:

  1. You know how when kids do annoying things, people always say, "Oh, they'll outgrow that?" What's one habit you haven't outgrown?
  2. If you could have  any super power, what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?
  3. What got you into blogging?
  4. If you could either have your craft be really great, or have it make you a lot of money, which would you choose?
  5. Finish this joke: "Two men walk into a bar..."
  6. Would you rather be like MacGyver or James Bond?
  7. Some horrible disaster happens and you have to choose to either give up books, or give up movies. Which do you choose?
  8. Pretend you have to make an online dating profile. What would your tagline be? What would your tagline be if you were being honest?
  9. Tour of America's best amusement parks or a Disney cruise?
  10. Hamburgers or tacos?
  11. Caramel or chocolate?


I just got another Liebster nomination from Lor K at Life with RA is a Pain. Since I just barely got this one up, I'm going to skip the extra stuff and just answer the questions she posed for her nominees. 

1. Why did you create a blog?

To build a fan base for my writing. I guess I could also go with because my writing group told me to :) But I've had this blog for three years now and I find the blogging community to be very rewarding. 
2.  On average how much time a week do you spend blogging or doing blog related   activities?

Oi, I've lost count. I'm on every day. I get distracted very easily, so I'm hoping from social network to social network, back to my blog, over to someone else's blog, I get caught up for hours and hours. 

3. What is your favourite season, and why?

Fall. I hate extreme temperatures, my lazy thyroid doesn't bother to regulate my internal temperature. Fall is mild, and it has the best holidays (Halloween anyone). It's also the start of school. I'm currently on hiatus  but I'm a preschool teacher at heart and the new school year always gets me excited. 

4. What do you like most about yourself?

My drive. If I want to get something done than you'd best get out of the way :)

5. Who is the most important person in your life?

My husband. 

6. What type of music do you listen to most?

Good question. It really varies. I don't listen to country though, so I guess you can take that one off the menu.

7. What is your most prized possession? 

Also a good question. Objects are just objects. I guess my computer, since I'd be cut off from the internet and all I do on there without it. 

8. What is the one thing that gets on your nerves? 

Boneheadedness. I can't stand stupid/ lazy people who think they're the cat's meow. 

9. What do you love most about your followers?

I love when they have something to add to the conversation on my posts. Many of my followers are bloggers also, and they run some amazing blogs that are always a good visit too.

10. Have you become close friends with any of your followers?

Not any that I wasn't friends with before blogging. 

11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My fatigue. It's hard to think of much else with that one glaring down everything I do. It gets in the way of so much,and I end up leaving so many projects half done, which I hate. 

The next thing I guess would be my difficulty figuring out how to say things. I either don't say things at all, or I tend to be rather blunt about things and hurt people's feelings. Sometimes I could care less about who gets their feelings hurt, but it's a crappy trait when dealing with family and friends.  

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