Friday, February 1, 2013

You'd be Surprised by the Things I Don't Say

I've often be accused of having no tact and there being a brain mouth filter problem. Like when I'm at Denny's and my waitress disappears into a black hole and I'm all:

Yeah, my parents took the hubs and me out. I possibly get more belligerent when people are screwing over my family.

Of course there was the time I was in NPS, which gets crazy crowded with people who don't speak English (and no, they're not all speaking Spanish either. The place is like Salt Lake City's linguistic melting pot), and I was all:

And some lady went running after the cart with her arms up in the air yelling in what I think might've been Bosnian. I was a little busy yelling, "The rest of us would like to be able to look at granola bars too!" to pay attention. 

What these same people who accuse me of filter issues don't realize is how much self control I do exercise.

For instance, when I was at Wal Mart and the guy in line next to me only had his kid and 24 pack of Budweiser in his cart. I only thought:

I also refrained from taking a picture,and that took a butt ton of self control.

Also, I've avoided saying things like, "The reason your kid keeps getting punched in the junk is because he runs around asking everyone, 'Wanna fight'. I figure maybe once his family jewels are so sore he can't walk straight he'll figure out he's not so tough. Of course, the fact that he goes whining to mommy every time he gets his ass kicked kind of already proves he's a sissy." 

Basically what I'm saying is, all that crap that comes out of mouth is the stuff I've thought about. Everything else, you really don't want to be privy to.

**PS, not sure what the deal was, but I think one of the promotion tools I was using was overriding my comment luv feature. I hope I've gotten it fixed so all y'all actual comments will be what shows, and not the spam comments. Sorry about that everyone.


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