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Wildflowers #Review @Schledia #Giveaway

From the author of Plain Jane comes a new young adult novel by Schledia Benefield

Have you ever feared what may be hiding deep within you?

Darkness often skulks in the blood of unsuspecting victims, but Aster McGrath is acutely aware of the violence coursing through his veins. After all, he is the son of a murderer, and everyone in the town of Bayville, Mississippi says he will end up just like his father.

When Susan Blackman moves into town, Aster has already embraced his brutal nature, but her gentle spirit draws him in and slowly melts the icy exterior of his heart. Taming his savagery, she professes her love, but will the good within him be able to overcome the evil lurking deep inside? Or will the fiend break free of its fetters and seek blood?

Fans of Nicholas Sparks' A Walk to Remember will fall in love with the young love, tough choices, sacrifice and redemption found within the pages of WILDFLOWERS.

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My Review:

Let me just start out by saying this was a decent read. It didn't knock my socks off or anything, and I got through it in about five hours (thank you insomnia), but it was OK.

For those who are into YA Romance, you'll probably like this book. It is one of the better romance books I've read through.

Personally, I don't really read romance of any kind. Sure, if it's a book about something else that happens to have romantic elements then cool. Straight up romance I tend to steer clear of. (Which totally explains why I agreed to review three romance novels in a row :s).

By like the fifth time I have to read the sentence: He/she gazed (adjective) into his/her (adjective) eyes; I start screaming, "Just say they're staring at each other!" My patience for it is minimal and it's not like I don't know that making oogly eyes at each other is a precursor for fornication. I find myself wanting the characters to just get it on so I don't have read about them drooling over one another anymore.

Anyhow, that's enough on that rant for a bit. As you can see, these type of books bring out my smarmy pants side. Which is why it was important for me to start off by saying Wildflowers really is an alright read.

A little bit of bullet pointing here:

  • If you're looking for  something totally original, then you'll be disappointed. 
    • The characters in this book are very stereotypical archetypes. The lovers are the misunderstood bad boy and the innocent new girl. Not really anything thrilling there. However, they are likable, and Benefield does a good job of making the reader want to know how what happened to them went down.
    • Probably two chapters in I had most of the book figured out. About half way in the ending was more blatantly obvious than the sexual undertones in an anime. I kept reading though, because I was waiting for Aster to have that face-palm moment when he finally caught on to the truth. 
  • The characters are likable.
    • As previously stated, not the most original, but likable. I did find myself routing the good guys. That doesn't always happen. Like in Romeo and Juliet, I was rooting for everyone to kill each other. 
To sum it up:
It's a good road trip read to remind why having an epic romance in your life would actually be a bad thing. 

And, since everyone seems to be into giving things ratings these days, I give Wildflowers

1/2 a tangerine

1 quail egg

a dash of Lifetime Original Movies. 

For whatever that's worth.

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About the Author: 

Schledia Benefield is the author of Plain Jane, Pretty Boy, and her soon to be released novel, Wildflowers. She attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College but chose to be a stay-at-home mom for many years. She devoted eight years of her life to working with youth as a youth minister and has been invited to speak in a rehab to hurting and wounded women, giving them hope for a better future. She was the Keynote Speaker for Division 14 of the Key Club International’s divisional rally. 

Born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Schledia holds a sense of pride in her southern heritage. She presently lives in Big Point, Mississippi with her husband and four of her five children. On top of writing novels, she writes youth and children’s church curriculum, and she works as a substitute teacher at East Central Middle School. In her spare time, she reads, sews, and spends time with her family.

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