Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Dogs Can't Handle Yoga

Every once in a while I get on this kick to get up early and be all healthy... OK, it's because of bad insomnia and once I hit about 6:00 AM I sort of give up on sleeping. 

I decided lately to start doing Yoga, since it's low impact (and as my muscles are still realizing that yes, they do need to move now that bones are no longer broken, that's important) and I'm a total stress monkey so I seriously need some chillin' out exercises.

There's totally a site that sells moody plushes!
This would be an awesome gift! Yes husband,
that is a hint ;)
So I was trying to get my zen on in the wee hours of the morning when the dogs figured out that someone in the house was awake.

These are four seemingly cute shitzus that spend the night in there own little apartments known as kennels. Seriously, sometimes I'd kill for even a kennel's worth of personal space. They really don't know what they're giving up here.

I spent like 20 min. hiding in pitch blackness (yes, the sun hadn't risen yet) to try to fool them into thinking everyone was asleep so their whining would be in vain. Once it was all quiet, I sneeked into the living room and turned the TV on to like #5 volume. 

Let me explain something to you: When you're all

and you can't hear the directions to change position, all the blood flow to the head really makes you cranky.

After that it was a quick digression of:

If the doctor asks, this is what happened to my exercise program. 


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