Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glitter is the Dirty Little STD of the Craft World

Holy frick it's in my eye! How did it even get in my eye?!
So, now that I don't have a job... Oh, yeah, didn't tell you all about that. I don't have a job anymore. I'm debating if I really even want to get a new one. I've told my husband that it's mostly improbable but I really don't want to work for other's  *cough* likely that I can make up my portion of the bills selling my crafts. 

One of my endeavors is making wedding bouquets, with glittery flowers right now because I went crazy at the JoAnne's sale and have sea of glitter soaked "Christmas" crafty bits. Since I seriously have no other place to work, I started in on project #1 on the bed. 

There's a point where this shit just becomes creepy.
Several shaved bits of foam and trying to figure out how glitter does get into butt cracks so efficiently later, my husband proclaimed that I need a craft room. This would be an awesome win if we actually had a spare room that could be converted thusly. 

On a side note, I lost myself for several minutes on the site this picture of Glitter Bear came from. I don't understand it one bit, but I couldn't stop looking. 

I'm just waiting for it to turn around and there's a Facebook bear on the other side begging for someone to undo this ungodly freak of scientific tampering. 
I seriously have focus issues. I suppose this is why my husband's new nickname for me is Squirrel. (Refer to the film UP if you don't understand the reference).

Anyhow, I need to go dive into my minivan full of sparkles with a vacuum and firm resolve to just accept that I'll be pulling glitter out of odd orifices for the next month. 
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