Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back From the Dead

OK, so I wasn't dead but life has been insane. Remember that project I was talking about that has ended up taking up so much more time then I even expected? Well...

I'm getting married next month! I thought I was on top of things but holy cow. Wedding planning take A LOT! Good news is most of the major stuff is in motion so hopefully I can get more organized. I guess it hasn't helped that I've been moving as I go. Figure that if I get my stuff moved in now I won't have to do it when I get back from my honeymoon. 

So, I owe two people giant apologies for not getting their reviews up when promised Danyelle Leafty and Christopher Sain. You both rock your books are both awesome and you will get your dues from me I promise.

I'm heading into a few rounds of Novel Publicity books tours-- which I highly suggest you all stop by for because they are HUGE prizes attached to those-- So I'll have to sneak you guys in. 

I'm off to nap- err I mean work. Be sure to pop in throughout the week for those giveaways I was talking about! 
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