Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What if Blogfest: Twisting Things Up

The idea behind this blogfest is to take well known fairy tales and change something about them that would make it a whole new story.

There are four categories: 

Plot Twists: Headed up by Cassie Mae

Headed up by Morgan
Headed up by Leigh

Headed up by Mark

The entries are flash fiction (no more than 300 words)

As you can see, I've chosen team plot twists. Go team go!


Those "good" fairies, who do they think they are? Oh, I've heard the rumors. I'm an evil witch and I've cursed the little princess Aurora. 

What do they know? Any of them? Nothing.

The truth of the whole affair was buried years ago when mother and I were forced out of the kingdom. The good king couldn't have his reputation ruined with news of an illegitimate child. But I bore my sister no ill-will. Quiet  the opposite. I tried to look after her. 

She was and is hopelessly entangled in the politics of royalty. There's no chance for her now. But for her darling daughter, my sweet niece Aurora, I won't see that life. 

I didn't curse her. I gave her a gift. The chance to at least find real love for herself. The second she was born they had a prince picked out for her. She was barely breathing her first breaths and she was locked in an arranged marriage. But if she were to sleep for a hundred years, well, then I'd like to see them try and marry her off to whom ever. 

Those meddling fairies want to change all that! I think not!
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