Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Late, late, late #IWSG

Apparently I can't read a calander. Either way, better late than never right?  

Honestly, these days I'm behind on everything and so I'm so ADD about my projects that I only get them half done.

Case in point: I still haven't finished updating the new layout of my blog,
I do have some good news coming up which equals another massive project. I'm waiting on one thing to happen before I can announce it though. So be sure to keep in touch so you can catch it :)

In the mean time, I'd love opinions on what I do have of the new layout and new blog title. I'm looking to make it more reader friendly and give it some originality.

The other thing I'd love to hear is what projects y'all have that you can't seem to get done? Let's get a discussion going!!! 

Be sure to pop back in on Friday the 3rd for Novel Publicities Cora Flash giveaway. There are a ton of rafflecopter prizes to be won!
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