Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Times + I Got an Award


  • I'm going to apologize here for failing to get up an Insecure Writer's Support Group post this month. In all fairness, the first Wednesday of the month also feel on Independence Day. That's my excuse, that my apparent inability to read a calendar. 
  • My blog is looking to get a massive overhaul. This will include a name change. Mostly it's all do to my awesome ability/ new found talent of making these.

The idea is to make a bunch of yarn puppets and change the blog name to Emily Unraveled. It could be a horrible idea, but encourage you to stay tuned anyway.

How I've Been Keeping Myself Entertained:

Danyelle Leafty is doing a giveaway of her book Slippers of Pearl. This end August 18th. Click the picture for more info. 
As far as television goes, the boyfriend and I have been watching a lot Flashpoint lately.

My Award: 

Big thanks to Kendra over at Flame Writer for nominating me!

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. 
2. List the rules. 
3. List seven random facts about yourself. 
4. Nominate ten people for the award. And notify them that you've given them an award.

Oi, 7 random things about me that I haven't already listed...Hmm...

  1. My favorite fruit is black grapes.
  2. I hate raccoons.
  3. I can eat jell-o with chopsticks.
  4. I used to play baseball with snails. 
  5. I'm OCD about stacking coins and how I garnish hot dogs. 
  6. I hope to one day own/operate a children's academy. 
  7. As much as I like to gab and over share, I don't really care for listing random facts about myself. 
On to nomin-- Screw it. I'm just going to list ten awesome blogs. In my experience, half the people I nominate don't even acknowledge said nomination. 
  1. Falling for Fiction
  2. Vive le Nerd
  3. Delighted Momma
  4. I'm a Reader, Not a Writer
  5. Seriously- WTH?
  6. Apostrophe Catastrophes 
  7. Emily White
  8. Teachers & Twits
Since my internet is moving unbearably slow at the moment, I'm going to leave the last two nominations to you guys. 

**As a bonus, the first person who can tell me the character name of the bat and what cartoon he's from will get the July Blogger Spotlight. 

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