Friday, July 20, 2012

How Giving Your Book Away = More Money

Every so often I like to look through the free books on Amazon Kindle. I noticed an ingenious little ploy that some authors/ publishing companies use and I'm going to share it with you.

First point to be made, for the price of FREE people will buy just about anything. When I see a free book for Kindle, even if I'm not sure it's my type of book, I'm likely to grab it. My thought is that if it's something I don't like then I've lost nothing. HOWEVER, if I end up liking the book I'll spread the word. 

Now here's where it gets profitable as a writer:

I've noticed a lot of first books in a series being offered at no cost. BRILLIANT! As stated before, free = I'll  buy it. So when I get your first book that I likely wouldn't have gotten otherwise (especially for indi authors whose work I've never heard of) I read it and love it, my natural course of action is seek out the next book in the series. Wam! I'm now buying your books. You're making money off of me! Aren't you smart!

And here's the other thing! You can actually charge a decent price for your books. If book one hooks me and I totally have to have the next one, I'm not going to snub the full cost. I need to know what happens next! Instead of marking all your books at .99 praying someone will pick them up, you've already got readers waiting with batted breath. 

So a quick recap on the logic:
  • You hook me by offering the first book free = I pay for the rest of the books.
  • Just make sure your book is actually good. You'd be surprised how many people miss out on that one. 
So HERE is a link to my search for free books on Amazon. 
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