Monday, July 16, 2012

Hookers & Hangers Blogfest!!!

It's day one of the Hookers & Hangers Blogfest. The idea is that each chapter should start and end with a bang.

Us blogger/writers are going to post the first sentence from three chapters today, and the last sentences Wednesday. Hope to see you both days!

Yay!!! I'm totally excited for this one!!! 

It was a bit of hard decision making to figure out which hookers to go with, so I mixed it up between a few stories I've been working on. 
  1. This first one is from a currently untitled work:
    • My corpse lie in a pool of my blood for a full day before anyone noticed.

  2. This next one is from The Fall Between Book:
    • Hunched over the table, speaking in conspiratorial tones, they were deciding his fate.
  3. This one is from the Hell Deep series:
    • The wind howled as it contorted through the stone architecture. 
OK peeps, those are my hookers. What do you think? 

I'm off to visit the other fine bloggers in this fest of awesome!

You can find more info and a list of participants HERE

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