Monday, June 18, 2012

I Can Tell I'm Hurting Your Head

Just a quick set up: My boyfriend, who we'll call Tony, doesn't like having his picture taken or me blogging about anything to do with him. He's a paranoid private person. Thus, he's drawn with a triangle head. 

This story does involve him. In my defense, it's about zombie/vampire confusion, so how am NOT supposed to blog about it? 

I texted Tony telling him that I needed to come up with a good zombie joke...

Tony: All die in sunlight.

Me: That's vamps love.

Tony: I thought zombies too. I know zombies are slow.

Me: They are slow, but sunlight has no effect on them. Otherwise we would not need to fear a zombie apocalypse. Being them would be as easy as hunkering down for the night. Unless you live in Washington. Those northerners are screwed.

Tony: Gotya 

Conversation prompted me to make this picture. Sorry it's hard
to read, the program makes me draw my letters instead of typing them. 

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