Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Times #PhotoStoryCompetition Beautiful Blogger Award

First order of business:

A big thank you to Jamie B. Musings over at Culture Shock for nominating me! 

Rule #1: I have to tell seven things about myself...
  1. I love Alaska and would totally have a summer home there if I were rich.
  2. I cringe every time I hear someone say,"we was". (Far too many people say this every single time!)
  3. At one point I wanted to be a medical examiner but decided against it because it would make me smell awful.
  4. I've participated in games of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean Roulette. 
  5. I LOVE drive-ins.
  6. I fear I may be spending too much time on pinterest.
  7. The last books I read all the way through were The Hunger Games trilogy.  
Rule #2: Nominate seven bloggers for the award and tell them: 
  1. Stephanie at Clay Baboons- I seriously just got distracted over there and almost forgot I was writing this post.
  2. Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures
  3. Robyn at Life by Chocolate
  4. Sylvia at Playful Creative
  5. Susan at Spann of Time
  6. Pamela at The Death Writer 
  7. I always like to leave one of these spots open for reader suggestions. If you guys know a blogger who deserves this award, then leave a link for them in the comments.

Insecure and Socially Awkward Seeking: 

Nothing new this week, but there's still awesome stuff there!

How I've Kept Myself Entertained: 
  • Pottermore: I blazed through The Philosopher's Stone (Known in America as The Sorcerer's Stone, didn't feel like changing over languages from UK to US) only to find out that Chamber of Secrets isn't up yet. Lame! *Anyone looking to join me I'm HexNox9775 
  • Clay Baboons: Yes, you're seeing double, but this specific post links a lot of awesome blogs that I've been jumping around checking out. 
  • Wish on facebook: This app is much like pinterest, only they limit how many "wishes" you get and hassle you to add more people. There's promise of potential awards and discounts though, so I keep going back.
What have you guys been up to this week?
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