Monday, May 21, 2012

#Interviews and #Book Reviews: @JamieBMusings

Today I have author Jamie B. Musings over to talk about writing and her upcoming book The Life and Times of No One In Particular.

The Life and Times of No One In Particular releases tomorrow May 22nd! That's why Jamie gets a slot today :)
First off, Let's get to know a little about Jamie:

Jamie B. Musings is a music addict, book lover, pet servant & NaNoWriMo survivor. When she's not busy writing posts for CultureShock, she's taking pictures for her new obsession (That Photo Blog) and spending time with her husband and pets. Her first book, The Life and Times of No One in Particular, is slated to be released in May.

1. What first interested you in writing?

I first became interested in writing after taking a journalism class on a whim in High School. This led to internships, work on school publications and getting an AA in journalism in school which led to doing a few freelance assignments and blogging. I branched out into fiction because of my husband. He's a writer as well and encouraged me to attend a writing club with him. Once or twice a month we need to have a new story completed, and the more I did it the more I came to enjoy the process.

2. What is your favorite book and why?

That's like asking me to choose a song! It's almost impossible to narrow it down and I'm a bit indecisive by nature. Could be the Gemini in me :) I do end up gravitating more towards YA and Paranormal/Supernatural based stories. There's just something about that genre that speaks to me.

3. What one piece of advice would you give all aspiring authors? 

I guess the biggest thing I have learned through this process of getting my first book done is "never say never". It's cliche, yes, but it's true. A couple of years ago, I never would've believed that I'd be releasing a book and here I am. Be ready to take chances and be open.

You can learn more about Jamie here:

About The Life and Times of No One In Particular:

Beware the muse with a chip on her shoulder.

Muses are often called uncooperative, grumpy, lazy beings who abandon a writer when they're needed most. Now, one of them has decided to tell their side of the story. Meet Clarissa, a muse who has spent centuries trying to inspire artists who sometimes are too stubborn to listen to her.

What is your muse trying to say to you? Clarissa might just be able to answer that...

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