Friday, May 25, 2012

The Shattered Glass #RoadtoJubilation

Today's #RoadtoJubilation post is a bit introspective/ a downer, but it does pick up. I just feel like issuing a warning since #RoadtoJubilation is about making joy in life.

I'm going to speak about some stuff that happened with my car wreck and some realizations I've had.

Many of us have this idea or that we have a right to continue living until we've finished everything we need to do in life.
Bad things happen to other people, maybe even bad things happen to those we know, but not to us.

We're left with this illusion that there will always be a tomorrow to get things done in. A future to change situations we're in. An old age to relax, or to travel or to do whatever it is we keep putting off.

Then the magical glass separating us from the truth shatters.

In my case, seeing an SUV come flying at me is what did it. At first, I more worried about my mom. The car hit on the driver's side and she had to be cut out of the car. Adrenaline kicked in and I was in go mode. My mind fired a mile a minute and it was all about stuff that needed to be done.

It wasn't until a few days after I got out of the hospital that the magnitude of what happened hit me. Maybe it was all the people saying, "Wow, I can't believe anyone survived that," when they saw pictures of the wreck, maybe it was just all the adrenaline coming down and real life carrying on, but I had a little breakdown.


  • Plan for the future yes! Have goals you work toward, never give up, but WORK for it now!
  • There is no magical tomorrow where everything is perfect. If today's life sucks, then the time to change it is today.
  • You have no guarantee what's going to happen. Three feet closer and my mom and I would've been under that SUV. You never know when that three feet isn't going to be there.
  • The time is and always will be now
  • Stop wasting time! I could write that over and over. Stop wasting time. Whatever you're putting off, do it now.
Embrace life and live it as the miracle as it is.

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