Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is the rant of an overwhelmed woman!

Sorry, I just got distracted by my facebook indicating that I had a notification. Probably could've gotten away without mentioning that....

Anyhow, I was enjoy my day of blissfully not having to blog when I realized that first Wednesday was up. Darn!
So AtoZ is finally over! I had fun but let me tell you, people are only so patient when it comes to be being antisocial in the name of writing.

In other news, last Friday my ankle thought it would be funny if rolled under and got sprained during a game of soccer. This is what happens when I try to fit physical fitness into my life. I've been stuck on my butt for the last several days.

One would think being laid up would give me time to catch up on blogging and general interneting. Not the case. I've spent the last several days building an internet presence for the family reborn doll business we're trying to get off the ground, because I'm crazy like that.

I for one know that at this juncture I could use a pick-me-up to keep going. And not one that I have to read either because I don't feel like making that kind of commitment to my mental health.

So how are things going for you guys?

Who participated in AtoZ?

Anyone else feel like screaming and eating mass amounts of chocolate?

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