Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest!

Howdy y'all. I'm excited for this event. What I fun idea! I'll quickly direct you all to Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog where you can check out the list of participants.

First item of business: I have an update on my car wreck. If anyone missed it you can check out more details HERE. We just got through meeting with the lawyer and things are looking good. I also have pictures for you guys. 

You can see where the other vehicle hit the hood and then  the
doors are all jacked up from where they had to cut my mom out.
This is where my knee hit either the
dash board or the air bag. I'm not
This is the seat belt bruise. We've all
got pretty good marks from our seat bealts.

So there's that stuff. Now onto the actual blog fest!


My first love when it comes to movies is a tough call. I've always been a major movie buff.

When I was little, my favorite movie was Carousel. I have no idea why, but I watched it obsessively.  

I tried finding a decent trailer for it but that was a bust. Here's a picture instead. 

Brief plot summery: Billy is rough talking carousel barker and a general jerk, yet he wins the heart of Julie. They both become unemployed and then it comes to light that Julie is pregnant. Billy joins in on a robbery to get money for his struggling family. Things go fowl and he ends up dead. 

Fifteen years later, Billy is granted one day to return to Earth and make amends. There, he finds his daughter has been taunted and is an outcast because her father died as a criminal. Short story, the idiot ends up slapping her. Way to amends Billy! 

Anyhow, you get a happyish ending with everyone singing You'll Never Walk Alone and the ghost of Billy whispering encouraging/ heart warming stuff into the ears of his kid and wife. 


The first song I think I really feel in love with was Dreams to Dream from An American Tail: Fievel Goes Weast. I still love the America Tail movies. I spent a long time teaching myself the lyrics to this song. Most of my exposure to music in my youth was either through film or songs we learned in my mom's singing group.

Considering that I learned songs like Hypocrite Rock in that song group, I more gravitated toward the film stuff. Later on Backstreet Boys would take their place in my adolescent heart, but I quickly became bored with the rhyming of "baby" with "baby" and "ooo" with "oooo". That was when Metallica's King Nothing came into play and I realized that there were bands writing songs that weren't love sick dribble. 

So that's my history with songs/bands.


Wow, what was the first book I feel in love with? 

I may have to go with Lord of the Rings on this one. I've mentined several times my history with the reading world and how Lord of the Rings introduced me to the world of fantasy literature. You can check that out HERE and HERE if you really want. 

As a child, I remember loving Dr. Seuss books and The Unicorn Who Had No Horn. As I came into the age where I was picking my own reading material though, I really jumped around trying to find something that stuck. So Lord of the Rings really opened me up as far as literature went.


Can I go with my first Hollywood crush here? Because my first boyfriend who I thought I was in love with is a real prick. I don't exactly have a good track record with men.

I guess I could also take the cheat out and claim my niece. She's something else and I'm totally in love with her and her sister :)

Or maybe I should mention Seth. I knew him back in the days when I could get away with stunts like running into the living room wearing only a cardboard box. His parents were friends with my parents. I remember them having horses and his dad took us each on a horse ride. 

That's about all I can remember though. I think Seth may have been blonde. I'm not sure.We moved from Washington when I was five, I think we may have lost contact with that family before hand. I still remember that Seth was my first best friend though.

There was also this kid in fifth grade, his name was Ben. I had a major crush on him but I never told him because he was my buddy and that would've been awkward. He moved part way through the school year and I decided to be over dramatic about it. I told my sister and our friend Piper that I was in love with him and now I'd never see him again. Then I listened to some Mariah Carry songs over and over until I decided I was over it. 

And for the curious type, my first Hollywood crush was Gene Kelly. Watch Singing in the Rain. He is one sexy man. 

What are some of your first loves? 

Are you still in love with your first loves? Or do you find they don't hold up? 
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