Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#Books That Made Me Love #Reading: Harry Potter

It was inevitable that Harry Potter would show up on this list. Recently I got into Pottermore, so I thought why not go with good old Harry for this month? I only got The Sorcerer's Stone reread do to time constraints, but this is another series I'm constantly validated in loving. 

I have a bit of a funny history with the Harry Potter series. 

I first heard about Harry Potter about the time book four was coming out. The news made a big to do about it and my friends were getting a bit HP obsessive.

I decided to boycott Harry Potter because it was too popular and everyone was driving me nuts with it. 
Then the movie came out....

My mom wanted to go see The Sorcerer's Stone as a family, so we did. I decided I like Harry Potter and bought the books. They were immediately shelved. I think I was reading LOTR or Bridget Jones at the time. 

Along came movie two and the books were still untouched, then, shortly before movie three, my friends had been gushing about how The Prisoner of Azkaban was the best of the books, so I finally started reading. 

Thus, I became a Potterhead amd J.K. Rowling became my go to author when talking about writing things the right way.

SO, what I love about The Sorcerer's Stone:

  1. Harry Potter is nothing if not character driven. The Weasleys are possibly my favorite fictional family. Despite the unreal circumstances the characters are in, they themselves are still real. Think about the characteristics portrayed:

  • Curiosity
  • Competitiveness
  • A little bit of rebellion
Sounds like a typical kid to me. 

2. I love the fantastical world created in Harry Potter and how seamlessly it connects together. The whole idea is that the magical world is hidden with in the real world. What an awesome idea! Behind the mundane is something mystical. 

The magical community is meant to be it's own culture, so it only makes sense for their culture to have their own versions of typical cultural characteristics.
  • They have their own sports
  • They have their own children's games
  • They have a transport system unique to them
  • The structures of their homes and social centers are based on their magical background
All of these things speak to a masterfully thought out world.

3. There's always something more going on. Much like the world of magic being hidden within the muggle world, the answers to the mystery of HP are hidden in the events of each book. 

Yes, Rowling plays on twist endings, but all the clues to what's going on are clearly there. It's like piecing things together slooth style. That's a lot of story telling elements mixed in. We laugh, we cry, hoop and holler, bit our nails and shout in joy. 

What's not to love?

What books made you love reading?

How do you feel about the Harry Potter books?

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