Monday, May 28, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: Lauren Shearer

Once a month I spotlight an awesome blogger and let them do a guest post here. This month, Lauren was awesome enough to agree to being that blogger.

I hope you guys enjoy her post. I know I did, and her picture cracks me up!

Hello. My name is Lauren Shearer. I'm a college student, a big sister, a library volunteer, an amateur psychology-enthusiast, a cat person, an amateur pianist, a grammar enthusiast, a writer, a blogger, a poet, a Christian, and an aspiring author.

I blog over at Word Art. Twice a week. Sometimes more. In April, nearly everyday. Never on weekends if I can help it.

But my blog schedule won't tell you a lot about me (or will it? Maybe it can - or maybe that's just me.) I'm into all the psychology stuff and extracting meaning from the smallest little choices. And maybe that's part of the reason why I got into writing. So I can load my characters up with deep-seated psychological issues and then gleefully unravel them during the course of the story.

Anyway, I mostly blog about writing and other similar stuff.

This picture is of me, striking the Iron Man pose. Attempting to look cool and sort of failing.

So, about me. I was that smart girl. The know-it-all who answered all the questions in Sunday School. The girl who always piped in with the answer. Who always volunteered to be in charge, and who always won at Apples to Apples (and still does!)

Part of that I can blame on being an eldest sister, but the reason I knew so much (or at least thought I did) was because I read everything. Textbooks, novels, magazines, instruction manuals, the dictionary - I loved reading the dictionary.

Words of any kind intrigued me. I couldn't get enough of them.

Emily asked me to write about what represent the spirit of my blog, so here's a list (I love lists!) of 6 things that do:

1. Writing
Well, this one is maybe a little bit obvious. But you see, I call myself a writer and it's something I can talk about for hours on end; deconstructing stories to see how they work, discussing plot and character and making list after list about things pertaining to writing (and using words like pertaining).

2. Humor
I promise, it's not all lame humor. Although I do like the occasional pun. You can boo and hiss all you want! You can roll your eyes and apologize and... my, this is starting to sound like a rap song. So yes, I love puns, but I also enjoy sarcasm. Or is that even possible? To "enjoy" sarcasm? Not that I'm sarcastic all the time. But I can't really be all serious all the time, now, can I? Or maybe it's some deep-seated psychological issue. Maybe I hide behind humor because I feel like if I'm too serious I'll be too real and then I will be rejected by other people... ah, the joys of analyzing one's own thought process. (See what I mean? Sarcasm.)

3. Seriousness
So I know this seems to contradict number 3, but it's true. I do have the occasional serious post. And I talk about important stuff. Cultural stuff. Christian stuff. Those deeper issues on my mind.You know, all that wisdom I've accumulated in my less than 20 years on this planet.

4. Book Reviews
*gasp* really Lauren, you like reading? Yeah, me and every other writer out there. And yeah, I write book reviews. Not very often, but I do write them. Also, I've read (to date) 33 books on writing. Obsessed much? Perhaps.

5. Poetry
I'm a poet and I know it!
Yes, I know that is cliche
But I like to rhyme all sorts of things
In many different ways
I know it's kind of awkward
To write a post in rhyme
I think it's kind of fun -
But I don't do it all the time (I promise!)

6. Lists
You totally didn't see that one coming, right? I adore lists. They're so neat and clean and easy to write. I'm an ISTJ (Guardian Inspector - it's a personality/psychology thing) so I love things to be organized.
There you have it! Six things that represent the "spirit" of my blog. Drop by and say hi - I'm always happy to meet a new blogger. And thank you, Emily, for having me!

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