Monday, May 7, 2012

AtoZ Reflections: My Creative Has Shin Splints

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If there's one thing AtoZ taught me, it's how lazy I've been as a blogger and how much I've enjoyed that leisure. 

Very rarely do I feel it's expected of me to actually write anything on here. I make sure I have things done for any blog hops or promotions I signed onto, other than that, if I get it done great, if not oh well.

During April though, something was expected of me every non-god-fearing day. Except the first when April was all like, "Screw any supreme being, I making my first day the Sabbath!"
My creativity and I totally had a show down when approaching certain letters.
Eventually I payed Gromit to do the evil eye
for me since he's a professional and all.

Me: Time to post something about the letter U.
Creativity: *silence*
Me: Ahem, the letter U.
Creativity: There is no such letter.
Me: Yes there is! How else do you think you just spelled "such".
Creativity: Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say, "There's no sch letter".
Me: *Attempting to evil eye my creativity into submission*

I also noticed that as the challenge went on, I put less and less effort into the posts. Partly because of the previously stated issues with creativity. But also because I have a life.

People became less and less willing to deal with my antisocialness in the name of blogging. Telling friends and family that if they'd read my blog it'd be like they had a conversation with me really didn't go over well.

The lesson learned here: Do as much in advance as possible!
For the letters that I had clearing planned out and had written at least part of the post ahead of time went so much smother. In the future I'll be using much more of May to prep for AtoZ.

What did I notice as I blog trotted? 

I was surprised how many people were on the blog hop that didn't actually participate. If I came across a blog that was more than one letter behind, I skipped it.

It seemed that many of the blogs I passed by didn't bother to post on Saturdays. I started skipping those ones too. In all fairness, my Saturday posts tended to go up later in the day though. So I'll give some lenience for that.

I found some amazing bloggers out there through this challenge. I'm so glad I participated and I'll be doing it from here on out!

A few of my favorite new blogs:

Sorry for anyone I missed! My fellow AtoZers are awesome! 

What did you guys learn from AtoZ?

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