Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zombie #atozchallenge
Welcome to the last day of the AtoZ Challenge! I hope to see my fellow participants back on May 7th to reflect on our AtoZ experience. 

Today I'm talking about zombie films! I love zombie movies so I'm totally excited. 

When it comes to picking my favorite zombie movie I can't just pick one. I have to break it down by categories. 
  • Traditional zombie movies
  • Zombie comedies
  • Zombies on speed
There's so much to love!
So I'm not much for traditional zombie movies. I don't really buy into a person being taken down by a band of crawling, rotting monsters. Hello! They move at less than half the pace you're capable of. But the characters always start running and trip. 

*Note: If you want to die in a zombie movie, trip.

My favorite zombie movies more fall into the comedy category:
  • Zombieland

One of the things I love most about this movie are the rules. More than just the rules are the ways the rules are introduced.
  • Fido
It's like Leave it to Beaver with zombies. This is how you do it.

A more serious zombie movie I adore is 28 Days Later. These zombies are super fast and super freaky.

Do you like zombie movies?

What are your favorites?

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