Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for YA Fantasy #atozchallenge

You're about to get a history lesson that you never knew you wanted.
Back in the day I started trying to read mystery novels. I think it's because I watched too much Unsolved Mysteries as a child.  Long story short, I stopped reading quickly. 

Maybe if I had stuck with Nancy Drew or something like that it'd would've been fine, but I was reading hand me downs. James Patterson is one example. If you've read his stuff you know how sexually graphic they can be. Not what I, as young reader or an adult, was/am interested in reading. 

When The Lord of the Rings movie came out my sister and I decided to go see it based on the fact that Elijah Wood is in it. We'd been watching his movies since his Radio Flyer days. 

From there my sister and I started reading the books. This was my first real foray into reading fantasy. The Lord of the Rings series remains the only book series my sister has ever read through. She maintains a deep love for the series. I hold a special place for the books as well since they were what got me serious about reading and writing.

The thing I love about YA fantasy is that I don't have to worry about the type of gruesome sex scenes I kept running into in the mystery books I had tried getting into in my younger days. They are purely a great story.

What type of books do you like reading?

How do you feel about graphic sex scenes in books?

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