Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for X-Men

My apologies for posting late. Fatigue has been acting up lately, but I will be victorious!

When I was a kid I used to watch the X-Men cartoon. Recently I had a chance to see some old episodes again. Man alive have my perspectives changed. 

Look! A glaring dicrepancy between the show and the comics!
(Picture source

It's not being prophetic.
It's being pretentious.
(Picture source
First thing I noticed, Storm is obnoxious! For example: When trying to console Professor X she says, "You didn't fail, we all failed, together". 

Really lady! Because failing by yourself is awful, but leading a whole team of failures is totally cool. 

Second thing noticed: Jubilee is not as awesome as she used to be. 
Maybe it's just because she plays to a teenage audience and I'm not into that anymore, but I remember her being a lot more fun than she actually is.

(Picture source

However, Phoenix still rocks! Good guy? Bad guy? Who cares? It frickin' Phoenix!

(Picture source

Another character who will always remain amazing Mystique. She runs with Apocalypse in the cartoon. Those shape shifters need to stick together you know. 

OK, so to wrap things up my question to you is what things from your childhood have you tried to go back too? Did they hold up or disappoint you?
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