Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Universe #atozchallenge

A few orders of business first:

  • A new prompt has been posted in the #PhotoStoryCompetition. I hope you guys will visit and contribute to this round. 
  • Usually I do my "Where I was When I was Cheating on You" feature on Tuesdays. Except I haven't had anytime to cheat on y'all! Insecure and Socially Awkward Seeking has actually been untouched since February. Oops...
And now the article:

The universe is an awe inspiring wonder. I love going to the planetarium and looking at the pictures of nebula and solar systems. Here are some gorgeous pictures I found. Hopefully their beauty can add a little cheer to your day.  

Image source abc news

Image source EON Magazine

Milky Way image © Richard Powell, c/o Atlas of the Universe

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