Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Slashers #atozchallenge

First of all eek! Not digging the new interface for blogger. However, I've navigated around Facebook's constantly changing everything, so I will survive. 
Speaking of Facebook, I had a thought the other day. What if people started referring to Facebook as F-book? I wonder how many people would get  offended. 

So slashers.... Not the biggest fan of slashers. As far as horror goes they're on the precarious edge right before falling into the Troll and Frogs zone. 

I've been subjected to many slashers due to my family's varied and often eccentric taste in films. What I've found I like, nay love, are the Scream movies. 

One thing about slashers is that they are the fairy tales of the modern era. Hear me out on this one. Fairy tales were originally cautionary tales. Don't go into the woods alone, listen to your parents. Bad things happen when rules are broken.

Slasher films take on the same cautionary prototype. Don't drink, don't have sex, don't lie about where you're going.

The Scream movies called this out. They called out all the stereotypes that horror films in general played off of. 

I love in the first film when the killer asks Sidney (played by Neve Campbell) if she likes horror movies and she goes off about how the bimbos always run up the stairs when they should be running outside. 

The fourth Scream movie was just genius. I love how it took on the whole remake craze. Best line, "You forget the first rule of remakes, Jill. Don't f*** with the original."

So here's the trailer for #4.

How do you feel about slasher films?

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