Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Necromancy

Pulled this off a totally
awesome blog
This is the first thing that came to my head for the letter N. Just don't ask. 

So I pulled this definition off of the Catholic Encyclopedia

(nekros, "dead", and manteia, "divination")

Necromancy is a special mode of divination by the evocation of the dead. Understood as nigromancy (niger, black), which is the Italian, Spanish and old French form, the term suggests "black" magic or "black" art, in which marvellous results are due to the agency of evil spirits, while in "white" magic they are due to human dexterity and trickery. 

The practice of necromancy supposes belief in the survival of the soul after death, the possession of a superior knowledge by the disembodied spirit, and the possibility of communication between the living and the dead. The circumstances and conditions of this communication — such as time, place, and rites to be followed — depend on the various conceptions which were entertained concerning the nature of the departed soul, its abode, its relations with the earth and with the body in which it previously resided. 

As divinities frequently were but human heroes raised to the rank of gods, necromancy, mythology, and demonology are in close relation, and the oracles of the dead are not always easily distinguished from the oracles of the gods.

Wickedly awesome stuff here that makes for great fiction.

One of my favorite book series that deals with necromancy is the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix.

I have no idea how book one's title is actually pronounced, which sucks because it's the character's name, but these books are awesome. Books two and three in the series are my favorite.

I grabbed these summeries off of Garth Nix's website.

Sabriel: Every step she takes brings her closer to a battle that will pit her against the true forces of life and death - and bring her face-to-face with her own destiny.

Lirael: With only her faithful companion, the Disreputable Dog, Lirael must undertake a desperate mission under the growing shadow of an ancient evil, which threatens the fate of the Old Kingdom.

Abhorsen: The Abhorsen Sabriel and King Touchstone are missing, and Lirael must search in both Life and Death for some means to defeat the evil Destroyer - before it is too late.

What are some of your favorite books that deal with Necromancy?

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  1. Necromancy from a Catholic encyclopedia? ? :)

  2. I smiled at Sara's comment, I thought the same! Not sure if I have read any books that handle Necromancy.

    Love the manly way to die post too!

  3. Very creepy subject, but definitely interesting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I wanted to return the favor I am!!

    Cheers from your new follower,

  4. Very carefully not asking why necromancy springs to your mind. I'm sure the reason is cool, solid and unworrying. Have to admit though I'm worrying slightly. Will I become contaminated by the mind of someone for whom necromancy is at the forefront of their thoughts? Of course not, Elizabeth, don't be stupid. But she mentions rantings. Does she? Yes, up top. Oh! she does. Hmmm. Best leave then, just in case.

    Not sure whether I want you to rant much at my blog. Perhaps you could come over and get slightly irate? That's be fine. I can cope with that. In case you want to, I'm leaving you my A-Z link as blogger always identifies me as my shared blog with other poets - my A-Z is this one:


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