Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kiss Kiss

Today I'm talking about something that I can't write for the love of me: Romance. Thus, the title of "Kiss Kiss".

I sort feel a mixture of involuntary dry heaving and wanting to stab  myself when it comes to writing anything romantic.

People would always tell me that I'd be able to write romance after I had a love life. Yeah, that's a lie. If any of y'all are waiting for that break through, you're in for a disappointment.

It's simple, real life is seldom as exciting as the stuff of fiction. Mostly because the stuff of fiction wouldn't fly in real life.

You mean real boys don't sparkle when you kiss them?

The "big romantic gestures" are usually creepy in the real world. The guy randomly showing up your friend's wedding to declare his love and apologize for his dumbassery in front of everyone doesn't end with what my sister and I have dubbed "the mack and clap".

  • Firstly, your friend will never forgive you for ruining your wedding. 
  • Secondly, you'll never live down the embarrassment.
  • Thirdly, well here's the good news, you'll be able to finally put the guy in jail for breaking the restraining order. 
OK, hopefully point made. The real problem with good romance is that it has to be so engaging that the reader forgets how impractical it is. Kind of hard to do when I get the dry heaves whenever I'm trying to write about the character longing glances or subtle brushes of the hands. 

How do you deal with writing romance?

What are your feelings about romance in literature?

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