Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Idiocracy: It's Closer Than You Think

Idiocracy is a comedy made in 2006 staring Luke Wilson and Mya Ruldolph. 

Of all the films to dipict a hypothetical future, I fear this one may be the most accurate. 

Quickly watch the trailer so you can understand what I'm talking about for the rest of this post. It's only like 2 minutes. 
Well kids, Daddy was trying to have a
midlife crisis, but this was all I could
I think the evidence of becoming more stupid is stronger than evidence of us becoming advanced. Think about this: We were promised flying cars by the year 2000. Instead of working toward cars that defy gravity, industries are working toward making cars that are smaller and battery powered. Uh, guys.... that's already been accomplished. 

Think on this also, when was the last time you saw the word "stars" spelled with an "s"? 


A few months ago I saw a sign that read, "....knifes". Really? On what is supposed to be a professional business sign? For anyone who doesn't catch what's wrong with this, the proper spelling is knives. Amazingly, spell check didn't mark knifes as wrong. 

I was recently talking to a third grade teacher who was told she isn't allowed to mark the entire spelling test wrong when the children spell words in text lingo. What happened to the days when we stuck the kid in the corner with a dunce cap when he couldn't spell the word on command in front of the whole class? OK, possibly extreme, but I can tell you that kid isn't spell knives wrong on business signs. 

I have many, many complaints about the American education system, but I won't bore you with them. Instead I'll open up a can of worms by asking for your opinions? 

Have any of you seen Idiocracy

What are your thoughts on the future?

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