Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gir!

 I love Invader Zim, and my favorite part is Gir. Just realized it's a bad idea to google image search Gir. I wasted like half an hour just now looking through all the cool pictures.

Yeah, this post is going to be image intensive.

A bit of Zim history here (a did a presentation on this for my college communications course, so I know way more than I should):

Zim orginally aired on Nickelodeon as part as a movement to make cartoons geared toward an early teen audience. 

The geniuses at Nickelodeon, however, failed to sign any other such cartoons. Thus, Invader Zim was stuck between The Fairly Odd Parents and Rocket Power

Mr. Vasquez himself.
Creator Jhonan Vasquez refered to it as, "...this 30 minute chasm of nightmares that the kids had to cross between musical numbers and extreme sports toddlers on skates." The full interview can be found HERE

After one season, Invader Zim got the ax. However, the DVD release of the show saw great success and a subculture of Zim fans were  born.   

Onto my actual point, Gir. Gir is Zim's brainless sidekick. The leaders on Zim's home planet (the tallest) don't like Zim. They sent him off to Earth pretty much thinking it was a useless planet and pulled Gir out of a junk heap to go along with him. Thus, Gir became the most adorable annoying side kick ever.

Now, Gir has two forms he's seen in. His actual robot self  pictured to the left, (Fans of the show will understand the Doom Song) and his disguise to fit in with the human race which is pictured on the right.


So, what makes Gir so lovable? It's a mix of his obsession with TV, food, and piggies. While Zim bumbles around with invading Earth, and wastes most of his time fighting with Dib (a paranormal obsessed kid who's figured Zim out), Gir makes waffles and puts bacon in soap.
He's like your adorable kid brother with severe ADHD. You just have to love him. Speaking of severe ADHD, I found way too many Gir products to love while image searching.

I actually have this.

At the end of the day, talk is cheap. So here's a clip for you to see for yourself.

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